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So, I have the following code to animate something upwards... it's very basic...

SetInterval(function() {
   particlesY -= 1;
}, 10);

Then a loop as such:

ctx.drawRect(50, particlesY, 32, 32);

This works fine, but I want a bit of X-Axis variation - I can use Math.random() to get a random direction, but the result is very jerky and pretty much laughable.

I figured that a sine wave would give me a nice smooth X-Axis change.

Any ideas? :(

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A sine wave should be fairly straightforward:

ctx.drawRect( Math.sin(particlesY) * 100, particlesY, 32, 32);
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Math.sin() takes radians - decrementing particlesY by 1 each loop will only give you 6.28 samples per cycle... –  Alnitak Apr 27 '12 at 13:27
sorry yes, I was thinking that after I answered, it would be wise to divide particlesY by some scalar before obtaining the sin. –  bharling Apr 27 '12 at 14:20

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