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I have a form that shows a drop-down menu of categories to choose from.

These categories are setup using the Gedmo Tree Extension, so a category can have child categories.

I have a custom query in the form builder that selects only the categories that belong to a specific group. However, I need to be able to show in the drop-down which categories are parents and which are children, e.g.

Parent Category 1
  -- Child Category A
  -- Child Category B
Parent Category2
  -- Child Category C

Any idea how I can achieve this?

Also, how can I pass a variable to my query_builder, from the controller that is calling the formtype?

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If you don't need to select the parent you can use the optgroup tag

    <optgroup label="Category 1">
        <option>Option 1...</option>
        <option>Option 2...</option>
        <option>Option 3...</option>
    <optgroup label="Category 2">
        <option>Option 1...</option>
        <option>Option 2...</option>
        <option>Option 3...</option>


Symfony 2 supports the optgroup tag with arrays (untested, may contain errors):

public function buildForm(FormBuilder $builder, array $options)
    $category_choices = array(
        array('Category 1' => array(
            '1' => 'Option 1...',
            '2' => 'Option 2...',
            '3' => 'Option 3...'
        array('Category 2' => array(
            '4' => 'Option 4...',
            '5' => 'Option 5...'

    $builder->add('category_list', 'choice', array(
        'label' => 'Category',
        'choices' => $category_choices
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Sadly it isn't that simple. Symfony2 handles how the <select> tag is rendered and it would take a heck of a lot to be able to add in <optgroups> :( –  Mr Pablo May 1 '12 at 8:20
Well, the code inside the function is ok, just it is in the wrong place. Get a look at the answer to my question. However, +1 for the research effort! –  JeanValjean Sep 3 '12 at 10:15

A few days ago I was looking to accomplish exactly the same thing ! I used Neurofr solution here : Symfony2,Doctrine Extensions Tree : Generating a "tree"-like dropdown Select list

And it's work. Now I will try to deactivate all options that got last children from the tree.

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I found the same answer too, just the other day :) –  Mr Pablo May 8 '12 at 8:18

Extend Symfony\Bridge\Doctrine\Form\ChoiceList\EntityChoiceList and use it in formBuilder, for ex:

      ->add('parent', 'entity',
              'label' => 'Parent',
              'em' => $em,
              'class' => 'w3des\\Bundle\\SiteBundle\\Entity\\Menu',
              'choice_list' => new MenuChoiceList($em, $group, $cfg['tree']),
              'required' => false,
              'empty_value' => '----'

You have to overwrite: getEntity(), getEntities(), getIdentifierValues() and probably constructor too

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