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I have documents like,

name:"john boss"

I have to search the data where ever john is stored in documents. Suppose, if i search "john" the documents should get _id:1 & _id:2 related data. Please guide me to get the result.

I appreciate if any one provide the solutions.

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Did you try anything before asking? Please show your attempt first. –  Simon Apr 27 '12 at 19:20

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I suggest a CouchDB view to show you all "words" from the "name" field.

function(doc) {
    // map function: _design/example/_view/names

    if(!doc.name) // Optionally do more testing for doc type, etc. here.

    // Emit one row per word in the name field (first name, last name, etc.).
    var words = doc.name.split(/\s+/)
    for(var i = 0; i < words.length; i++)
        emit(words[i].toLowerCase(), doc._id)

Now if you query /db/_design/example/_view/names?key="john", you will get two rows: one for doc id 1, and another for id 2. I also added a conversion to lower case, so searching for "john" will match people named "John".

Duplicates are possible: the same doc ID listed multiple times, e.g. for {"name":"John John"}; however you are guaranteed that all duplicate rows will be adjacent.

You can also add ?include_docs=true to your request to get the full document for each row.

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