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How can I make Microsoft.Moles.NUnit.dll work with nunit 2.6. The docs say:


Microsoft.Moles.NUnit.dll You will have to register that add-in with NUnit by copying the Microsoft.Moles.NUnit.dll assembly in the NUnit bin/addins folder.

NUnit Version (for other NUnit versions, recompile the attribute from sources)

But where do I get the moles source from? Isure cannot recompile anything if I do not have the moles sources, right?

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The source is in moles.samples.zip inside Documentation folder
i.e. "C:\Program Files\Microsoft Moles\Documentation" with default installation.

It is mentioned in the docs just above the NUnit section.

Other Unit Test Frameworks

It is possible to use Moles with any unit test framework that supports a managed command line runner. In order to execute the mole types in an instrumented process, you have to launch the unit test runner through the moles.runner.exe command-line tool.


The following extensions wrap the creation of the mole type context as an attribute. This makes mole types easier to use with those unit test frameworks. The full source of each attribute is available in the samples that are provided in the Pex or Moles installer. This allows to recompile them against the version of the test framework you are using.

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