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Heey guys,

I keep getting this error when trying to post to the 'own' wall of the user trough the FB PHP SDK. The strange thing is that when I'm trying it with the JS SDK from exactly the same page, it does work...

Also I don't understand the error, since I'm not posting an URL, so which URL do they mean?

Here's my code:

        $params = array
                "access_token" => $rij['fb-token'],
                "message" => "Here is my message"


        catch (FacebookApiException $e)
                echo $e->getType()."\n".$e->getMessage()."\n".print_r($e->getResult(), 1);

I'm positive the access-token is valid, since it does work in the Graph API Explorer. (Here it also posts the message). Already tried /me/feed in the API and POST with uppercase, but it al doesn't work.

I'm getting a little bit fustrated, so I hope somebody can help me!

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