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I'm currently trying to query the facebook api to retrieve some data via batch-requests with two fql queries.

One of the queries fetches a set of album ids in the form of:

Select aid FROM album WHERE ...

While the other one tries to retrieve photos for the found albums:

SELECT ... FROM photo WHERE aid IN ({result=album_ids:$.*.aid})

Where 'album_ids' is the name of the first query.

Most of the time this works perfectly but sometimes a album comes along with an aid containing a '_' - Which would be perfectly fine since the documentation specifies the aid as string. However the jsonpath in the second query does not quote the ids according to the facebook api:

 Parser error: unexpected '_xxxxx' at position xx
 SELECT ... FROM photo WHERE aid IN (10000xxxxxxxxxx_xxxxx)

The json result for the first query clearly has them quoted:


Am i missing something here or does facebook wrongly skip to quote the ids in the second query even though they are clearly strings. As far as i see in the facebook-api and jsonpath specs this should be working.

Or is there a work-around to get this to behave as expected? (Except of doing the quoting client-side and with two seperate requests).

Right now i'm trying to change my query as suggested here: Quoting/escaping jsonpath elements for in clause of dependent fql queries But maybe there is a way without completely re-structuring the queries itself.

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After having no luck otherwise i finally converted my batch request to use the fql.multiquery for the 'photos from albums' part of the query. Not really nice mixing in another api (that is marked as legacy?) into the call but for now it does the job. – maxigs Apr 30 '12 at 9:43
In addition, here is the bug-request i filed: developers.facebook.com/bugs/302777073136195 – maxigs Apr 30 '12 at 9:44

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