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Its my first time im writing here. Ihave 2 tables with a lot of rows.I have made some functions that do an advance string comparison using simmetric dll from here
Tables have similar data. Table A and B has same columns named
*Ndid Firstnam Lastname Addres Tabl(B/A)id *

But data in it may have typing errors.I want to check each row in table A with rows in table B and when a desired match is found, get the row from table B

For example.

Table A

**Ndid___Firstnam_Lastname__Addres____Table(B) **



Table B **Ndid___Firstnam__Lastname___Addres____Table(A) **



I want to search each row in table A with Table B and return matched rows or get id and link tables So for example after searching my table A will be

**Ndid___Firstnam__Lastname_Addres__Table(B) ** 1____Andy__Garcia___......._____2

My simMetric search is done like this

FROM dbo.CompareStringMetrics(StrinA,String B) AS CompareStringMetrics_1
WHERE (Metric = 'SmithWatermanGotohWindowedAffine') AND (Score > 0.65)

this mean that if comparing result using SmithWatermanGotohWindowedAffine algo is greater than 0.65 String A and String B are similar and its ok to link them String A are Rows from table A String B are Rows from table B

I need help

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How many rows are in each table? This will require a cross-join, so it's likely to be very slow. –  RBarryYoung Apr 28 '12 at 23:42
i dont care for time becouse this is done only once a day.and there is a max of 500-600 rows –  user1361208 Apr 30 '12 at 10:01

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