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often when debugging with XCode3.2 a lot of warnings appear about missing object files in 3rd party things that I don't want to debug anyway. e.g.

warning: Could not find object file blah/blah/... - no debug information available for blah/blah/...

Is there a way I can disable these errors?

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As detailed in this SO post, head to your Build Phases and add the following to the specific file's 'Compiler flags' section, depending on which compiler you use:

  • With LLVM GCC compiler add -w
  • With plain GCC, you must add -Wno-name-of-warning for each warning you want to ignore (name-of-warning being replaced by the description of the warning given in Build Settings' Quick Help view)
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hi adam! I can't seem to find a gcc warning that corresponds to this message in the xcode3 / gcc 4.2 - Warnings list. One thing i thought might work was to strip debug symbols from the 3rd party binaries that cause all these errors –  olilarkin Apr 29 '12 at 16:08

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