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Suppose I have a table like that:

create table reserved (
    id int(4) primary key,
    name varchar(30),
    quantity int(4),
    price int(8),
    info varchar(50),
    expiration_time time,
    contract_id varchar(50)

And I insert a few rows in it, using the format "HH:MM:SS" for the expiration_time field. Now I want to update this field, by adding 50 seconds:

update reserved set expiration_date=expiration_date+50 where id=1

When I have HH:MM and less than 10 seconds for the SS, everything works fine. But for a time like: 01:10:40, adding 50 seconds would result in 01:11:00 . What can i do to fix this behavior? Thank you

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Use ADDTIME() together with MAKETIME():

UPDATE reserved
SET expiration_date=ADDTIME(expiration_date,MAKETIME(0,0,50))
WHERE id=1;
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how would I calculate if a TIME is after another TIME? is the ">" operator ok? –  Madrugada Apr 27 '12 at 16:47
@Madrugada: Why don't you try it and see? ;) –  eggyal Apr 27 '12 at 16:50

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