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I'am implementing a web scrapper for html pages,The problem is the context relation as i need to decide the relation between the content i got and the others in the DB so i can say yes they are related or not as context point of view :

Ex( 1 )

$str1 = "president obama visited Barcelona yesterday"; //politics context
$str2 = "Barcelona was defeated from Chelsea yesterday"; //sports context

Ex( 2 )

$str3 = "Obama's appearance on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon "; //media context
$str4 = "Late Night show with jimmy fallon"; //mdeia context

In the First example

$str1 and $str2 are different in context so relation may be 10% or less

In the Second example

$str3 and $str4 are in the same context (media) although $str3 about president obama and the $str4 about Jimmy Fallon but both are related to late night show,So relation may be 90%

I'am using the porter stemmer algorithm to remove the commoner endings from words,What to do next ?

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Sorry, but what's the actual question? You need a generic description of an algorithm, or just some advice on how implement your ideas in CodeIgniter? –  raina77ow Apr 27 '12 at 14:05
Any thing would be appreciated specially a statistical method or algorithm to detect this relation –  mina.kolta Apr 27 '12 at 14:11

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$exstr1=explode(" ", $str1);
$exstr2=explode(" ", $str2);
foreach( $exstr1 as $exitem)
     if (in_array($exitem, $exstr2 ) $match++;
      else $mis++;
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The keywords are string metrics, fuzzy matching...

Take a look this: How to Strike a Match

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