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How to parse this regex in python?

Here I need to parse the string "Miracle workers" between "From" and "date time stamp" in the efficient way.

    s = """
      business hours. Keyword Search: Sales, Operations, Director, Medical, Medical Devices, DME, Respiratory Equipment, Sales Rep, Account Executive, Exec, Business... <br />
             From Miracle Workers - 26 Apr 2012 08:45:15 GMT
          -  View all <a href=",-TX-jobs.html">Houston    jobs</a>

This is the regex i am doing.I need to get the efficient regex.

    regex1 = re.findall('From\ ([A-Za-z\ ]+)\-',s)
     ['Miracle Workers ']

Extracting another string from url.

  s2 =,-GA-a1a421aabb4d54a7"
  regex2 = re.findall('-in-([A-Za-z-]+),-([A-Z]{2})',str(job.url))[0]

Here i am getting two tuples like ('Atlanta', 'GA') instead of that Need to get "Atlanta,GA"

How it supposed to do to get the results in effective way in all circumstances?

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Using () your are grouping results, this way, findall give you a tuple. Try this regexp (without grouping):

regexp = '-in-[A-Za-z-]+,-[A-Z]{2}'
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'-in-Atlanta,-GA' output is getting like that.fine.Is it fine my regex for the first string?Will it work for all circumstances? – Navaneethan Apr 27 '12 at 14:18
That string will be always in english? In that case I think so, but better than [A-Za-z\ ], use [A-Za-z\s]+ or at least [A-Za-z\ \t], or [\w\ \t]+ (it depends on the expected input) – Antonio Beamud Apr 27 '12 at 14:36

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