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How can I full-screen browser window after loading the page? I have used code like below in jQuery but its working only using the event click; But I want that to be worked on load

jQuery(document).ready(function($) {
    function fullScreen(){
            var docElm = document.documentElement;
            if (docElm.requestFullscreen) {
            else if (docElm.mozRequestFullScreen) {
            else if (docElm.webkitRequestFullScreen) {

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from https://wiki.mozilla.org/Gecko:FullScreenAPI#Suggested_UA_Policy

..requestFullScreen while the window is already in the full-screen state is approved. Otherwise, requestFullScreen outside a user action (e.g. a non-synthesized input event handler) is denied.

so it's not possible force a fullscreen if it's not triggered by a user action

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