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Hello I'm getting an error when i try to pass a char through to a function. here is my code.


char *temp;


int checkIfUniqueCourseNo(char,int);



and my error

warning: improper pointer/integer combination: arg #1

Im new to C so go easy on me :)

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Your function accepts a char; you are trying to pass in a char*.

To fix this you need to dereference your pointer to obtain the character that it points to, so that your function receives the type of argument it expects:

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Mate thanks heaps thats worked for me :D –  Daniel D C Apr 27 '12 at 14:21
@DanielDC - make sure you have a valid address in the pointer before dereferencing it (in your question you just declared it, but did not initialize it) –  Attila Apr 27 '12 at 14:24

If the function excepts char, you should dereference the pointer:

//                    ^ pass the char addressed by temp
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Your variable is a char*(char pointer), but the function takes a char(not a pointer).

If you want to pass the contents of temp to the function, use checkIfUniqueCourseNo(*temp, k). If you really do want to pass the pointer itself, declare the function as

int checkIfUniqueCourseNo(char*,int);
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