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Suppose, I have the following pattern in a comment in my code - $REV$. I would like to have a client side hook, which would replace it with something like $REV[$ d3d004be40c5 $]REV$. Any subsequent commits would assume that there is a revision between $REV[$ and $]REV$ and replace it accordingly.

I want to use a client side hook, because I do not want an extra commit for this mangling, hence it must be done on the client as part of the commit.

I reckon a precommit hook in python should be apt for the job, but I've just thought to seek for an advice before delving into it. Maybe there is a better way to do it like using an existing extension, for instance. If anyone has done anything similar - please share.



I know this may seem strange to embed the revision within the source code, but please indulge me.

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keyword extension does what you want (though usefulness of this is really, really low).

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plus one for pointing out that the usefulness is low. With a DVCS environment you're much better off putting it in the working directory on update rather than actually storing it in the code. You can easily do this with a hook like 'update = hg id >> VERSION.txt` and if VERSION.txt is in your hgignore you won't accidentally commit it. –  Ry4an Apr 27 '12 at 19:09

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