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I was wondering if there as an API in Java that can define words and find the origins of words. I remember awhile back searching this up and seeing "apache commons" but I am not sure.

So basically, the user will be able to enter a word "overflow" then the program will be able to define the word. So I am looking for an API that can define words and find origins of words. So the word "recherche" would have an origin that is "French".

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Are you looking for the lemma of tokens? Your question is a bit vague, you should clarify what you are after - preferably with an example. – amit Apr 27 '12 at 14:45
I added the clarification. Hopefully, the question will be less vague. – Jeel Shah Apr 27 '12 at 14:49
Recherche is a german word too. You should be aware that the same word can exist in several languages. – oers Jun 12 '12 at 6:40
Basically you would have to define a set of languages your word may come from and then somehow model the etymology of every word in those languages. A bit of optimization since words across multiple languages will share a 'history' and a layer on top that handles declination, misspellings and the such. Good luck implementing that. Try to look into natural language expert systems for ideas, maybe. – Mike Adler Jun 17 '12 at 11:50
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WordNet will give you half of what you are looking for: you can look up the definition for a word. Note that there are several implementations of WordNet for Java: jwi, jaws, Dan Bikel's, WordnetAPI. Some of these might be easier to use for your purpose than jwordnet suggested by miku (I have only used jaws and jwi).

Note: WordNet will not give you origins (AFAIK). I'm not aware of a software that does.

Note: You will have to provide the lemma of a word to be able to look it up in the dictionary. This means that you will have to apply some Natural Language Processing (NLP) techniques if you want to do this automatically on a free-text document (which can contain inflected forms). If you go this route, I'd suggest the GATE project's Morph plugin.

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There is a website for etymology:

It gives the result: recherche 1722, from Fr. recherché "carefully sought out," pp. of rechercher "to seek out." Commonly used 19c. of food, styles, etc., to denote obscure excellence.

Don't know if they got an API but use some sort of script to query it.

So find a good way of detecting "Fr." in the sentence above.

Cheers, Erik

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Have you look for JWKTL?

"Wiktionary is a multilingual, web-based, freely available dictionary, thesaurus and phrase book, designed as the lexical companion to Wikipedia. Lately, it has been recognized as a promising lexical semantic resource for natural language processing applications."

Using this, you can see the etymology of words.

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