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I have a .Net Class Library which I refer in VBA and all goes well. When I try to use the same Excel file on some other machine the error is: Error Code 429:Active X component Cannot create Object

The error is recd for line

set a = createobject("dllname.classname")

However I am registering the DLL at runtime and it gives no error for the line

Dim a as dllname.classname

This error happens on my Win-7 pc where as works just fine on Win-XP PC. Please help because I need to run my application using the Excel Sheet.

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The "registering at runtime" angle is an unlikely one, given that an application normally doesn't have write access to the registry keys. Register with an installer. And use "classname", not "classsname". –  Hans Passant Apr 27 '12 at 17:02

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This article has a good writeup on ensuring your assembly is late-bindable, i.e. via createobject().


  • Make sure your assembly includes a ProgID attribute
  • Use regasm on the target (deployment) machine to do the actual registration of the COM class
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