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I need a help with getting right path so that my request from a JSP page to a servlet works fine. Right now its giving me an error Servlet not found .. I am working in eclipse. My directory is like this ::

At the top level is my Project_Name 2_8_2012. Now inside JavaResources i have a Src folder inside which i have a package Mypackage inside which i have a TimeServlet.java and TimeManagement.java. 

my JSP page is in WebContent/jsp/Page.jsp

Now from Page.jsp i send a request on input submit button click. Basically a form is submitted

<form  id="timeform" name="timeformname" action="/2_8_2012/jsp/timeservlet" method="post">

which goes to my web.xml where i have this code ::


but i get the error servlet not found.

To open a page.jsp on my browser i go to link


and it opens fine.

How should i give a path so that my servlet is called up ? Thanks..

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change the URL-PAttern to

/jsp/timeservlet and check

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