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i need some help fom the experts.

I want upload a picture to my php script and it works. Now, i want get back a JSON Response after upload to my div #showdata, but it don't work :(

Start Transfer Upload

     var options = new FileUploadOptions();

                var params = new Object();
                params.message = pmsg;
                options.params = params;
                options.chunkedMode = false;
        var ft = new FileTransfer();
        ft.upload(imageURI, server, function(r) {
        document.getElementById('camera').innerHTML = "Upload successful: "+r.bytesSent+" bytes uploaded.";  

 // here get the Json response

    $('#showdata').html("<p>item1="+r.item1+" item2="+r.item2+" item3="+r.item3+"</p>");}, function(error) {
    document.getElementById('camera').innerHTML = "Upload failed: Code = "+error.code;              
    }, options); }

Can you help me, how i display the JSON results. Thank you!

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So in your success function you get an FileUploadResult which you have referred to as "f". Well f has a property called "response" which gives you the response from the PHP page. You'll have to look at the response and use JSON.parse() to turn it into and Object.

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