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I'm in the process of adding github pages to some of my repos and to my user page. For many of the web pages, I want to use Markdown formatting.

However, as I can only find vague, undetailed information about how to do this, I'm doing trial-and-error to figure out how it works.

Where is the real documentation? The gory details?

Here is the best information I've found so far, which says:

  • use the special branch name gh-pages to create a site for a project repo
  • a three-line incantation at the top of the file is necessary:

    title: something
  • the suffix gets changed to .html

But I'm left with many questions about details, such as:

  • can I import css files?
  • what does that "title" blurb actually do?
  • what suffix do the files need to have?

etc. So I'd really like to see the detailed documentation for all of the features.

Please note that this question is not about how to use Markdown syntax, but how to harness github's magic for automatically creating html from Markdown within the scope of user and project pages.

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how to harness github's magic for automatically creating html from Markdown within the scope of user and project pages

It sounds like you are talking about Jekyll.

What does that "title" blurb actually do?

The title is part of YAML Front Matter. It is basically a variable that you can access via page.title

What suffix do the files need to have?

Provided that the file has a YAML Front Matter section, it will be transformed by Jekyll. The same will happen for any .html, .markdown, .md, or .textile file in your site's root directory or directories not listed above.

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Only files with extensions .md or .markdown will be translated to HTML on a GitHub User Page.

Files with extensions .html and .textile are not translated, according to my tries.

Note that UTF8 encoding should be avoided.

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Why should UTF8 be avoided? – Matt Fenwick Jun 26 '12 at 12:43
@MattFenwick: It mentions that near the top of the YAML Front Matter page: – William Gross Apr 4 '13 at 13:28

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