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I am thinking of doing a platform game in flash. The approach towards level design I am thinking of is to have each level as an image with either a transparent or solid colour background.

Using regular hittest functions determines if one object has touched another object. In this case this will always return true.

My question is, I want a hitTest function to return true if the player character collides with any non transparent / solid colour on the level.

If I do have a transparent background I will probably have another image as a background that would move a little more than the level image to create a simple parallax effect. If I do this, the hitTest function would need to ignore the background image (I don't think this will be an issue, but still better to specify and be called an idiot than not).

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Consider using the AS3 Collision Detection Kit as it can detect hits on colours.

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That is it beautifully. – Richard Parnaby-King May 3 '12 at 12:35

This is an inefficiency method but its the simplest solution:

if (player.hitTestObject(platform) && platform.alpha == 1) {
            trace("we landed!!!");
        } else {
            trace("we fell!!!");
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