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What tools/solutions do you use for rapid UI prototyping (Dummy UI's only - no app logic). After trying several solutions, including web based mockups, photoshop, AI etc, I've finally settled on Adobe Fireworks because in addition to static screen development, it also allows for transition effects (limited though). However, I am looking for a framework that allows all UI transitions that an iphone and Android device supports without having to write code during this UI dummy screen design (example, page curl transitions, etc etc). Does such a solution exist? If not, what tools do you use?

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I suggest trying out - it has full libraries for iPhone and Android. Gestures supported include tap, tap & hold, double tap and swipes - left, right, up, down. Use these to allow your clients to experience a true native app look and feel from your prototypes.

Eileen (from fluidui)

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The Proto/Moto website has a collection of prototyping and wireframing tools.

Some of the products have live demos there, and others just have a link to the site.

It looks like a good collection, but I see no reviews or other helpful information. You have to perform your own evaluation of them, which could be time-consuming since there are so many. But it's a pretty extensive list.

share|improve this answer lets you prototype iOS, Android and Windows Phone apps in a jiffy using a simple drag-drop web interface. All your data is stored on the web making it easy to access anywhere on the internet. You can access the prototypes on your iPhone to see how the app would look on an actual iPhone. No using Photoshop or Illustrator or Powerpoint, digging through layers and getting the right components. Just drag-drop components on the canvas and you are done.

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i suggest ,If you want to save time , it’s a rapidly prototyping tool , there is no need for learning new tool ,it converts your app design to interactive, working prototype just From Photoshop PSD.

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