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I am desperately looking for a solution to stream through rtmp from red5 server on iOS. And I couldn't get rtmp c lib work on my Xcode project. Could anyone please post any tutorials? or share some other solutions maybe?

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here is what i found till now. very useful obj-c libs, but costs smt. - http://www.themidnightcoders.com/products/weborb-for-mobile/universal-mobile-connectivity-overview.html - http://www.aftek.com/afteklab/aftek-iphone-RTMP-library.shtml

Then, i tried to implement librtmp c lib. But it would take long. -http://rtmpdump.mplayerhq.hu/librtmp.3.html

So, we decided in the end, to communicate over web sockets and stream over http.

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