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I'm using Titanium appcelerator on Mac OSX Lion and I am trying to configure it to compile coffeescript files on the build. I have followed the instructions from My problem is whenever I try to run my app in the emulator in any envirornment (Android or iphone) I get the following error:

[ERROR] Build Failed (Missing Plugins Directory)

It seems to expect my plugins to be in my local ~/Documents/Titanium Studio Workspace/testCoffee as well as ~/Library/Titanium Support/plugins directory. I tried copying them over but that caused different problems.

Any help would be appreciated thanks.

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I'm struggling with this too, but I got past missing plugins directory by adding a "1.0" folder inside the plugins directory above the file. I didn't see it needing a plugin file in the workspace, but there is ambiguity whether it looks in global or user Library directory, or perhaps both, I don't know how that works in OS X.

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I have a template project to work with Coffeescript over Titanium: titanium-coffeescript

All the code should be written to the coffee folder. Then, when running rake, all the javascript files are generated into the Resources folder used by Titanium. Then, you can run the app from Titanium Studio.

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You actually had the answer to this particular problem in your question. (Clarification added in brackets)

I tried copying them over [to Titanium Support/plugins] but that caused different problems.

When I used this on OS X, I believe the proper folder structure with the file was ~/Library/Titanium Support/plugins/ti_coffee_plugin/1.0/

I came back to this because I'm trying to get this set up on Ubuntu, so I just wanted to add that for people out there trying to work in this system. The proper folder setup for Ubuntu is: ~/.titanium/plugins/ti_coffee_plugin/1.0

In both cases, you first have to go to that titanium support folder and mkdir -p plugins/ti_coffee_plugin/1.0 from a fresh install of Titanium, since it doesn't create the plugins folder by default.

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