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It's rather annoying and I can't seem to figure out why.

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Looks like you have SublimeLinter installed. It highlights errors and warnings.

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That would do it. Thank you! –  Doug Smith Apr 27 '12 at 17:06
control + shift + p or cmd + shift + p and type sublimelinter and click the one with disable –  Sarmen B. Apr 11 '13 at 18:41
in my case it is anaconda plugin –  goFrendiAsgard Mar 6 at 10:35

If you don't want to disable SublimeLinter completely, you can set Syntax Specific Preferences. Preferences -> Package Settings -> Sublime Linter -> Settings Syntax Specific User

The preferences is evaluated similar to CSS, it cascades. Think about the most user-specific, syntax-specific rules evaluated last.

E.g: I also do not like the white rectangle, so I opted for fills.

        Selects the way the lines with errors or warnings are marked; "outline"
        (default) draws outline boxes around the lines, "fill" fills the lines
        with the outline color, and "none" disables all outline styles
        (useful if "sublimelinter_gutter_marks" is set).
    "sublimelinter_mark_style" : "fill",

        If true, lines with errors or warnings will be filled in with the
        outline color.

        This setting is DEPRECATED and will be ignored in future
        versions. Use "sublimelinter_mark_style" instead. For backwards
        compatibility reasons, this setting overrides "sublimelinter_mark_style"
        if that one is set to "outline", but has no effect if it's set to "none".
    "sublimelinter_fill_outlines": false,

    // If true, lines with errors or warnings will have a gutter mark.
    "sublimelinter_gutter_marks": false,

    // If true, the find next/previous error commands will wrap.
    "sublimelinter_wrap_find": false,
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If you still have a problem with those solutions suggested above (with anaconda lint):

Disable linting altogether within the user-defined Anaconda settings file, Anaconda.sublime-settings, via the file menu: Sublime > Preferences > Package Settings > Anaconda > Settings – User: When it opens file, just type the following and save it away ;-)

{"anaconda_linting": false}

At least, it fixed my problem. Blessings (a debtor)<><

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