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In my application I need to compare three dates in one if-else cycle. I have a start date, end date and the date of testing. What I want to check is whether the test date is between the start date and end date.

if (testDate >= startDate && testDate <= endDate) {

If I set the startDate to 25/04/2012 and the endDate to 24/04/2019 and the testDate to 25/12/2013 the code works. But if i set the startDate to 26/04/2000 and the endDate to 24/04/2019 and the testDate to 25/12/2013 the code does not works. What's wrong?

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what did the search bring up? –  vikingosegundo Apr 27 '12 at 17:10
Yes, you're comparing object addresses. You must use a compare method supported by the object. –  Hot Licks Apr 27 '12 at 17:14

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Dates can be compared like that. However, you must first call timeIntervalSince1970 to convert the date to an integer type value. In this case, it gives you a numeric value of type NSTimeInterval.

The other option is to use the compare: method invoked on the NSDate object.

In that case, comparing one date to another will give a result detailed in the class reference as follows:

  • The receiver and anotherDate are exactly equal to each other, NSOrderedSame

  • The receiver is later in time than anotherDate, NSOrderedDescending

  • The receiver is earlier in time than anotherDate, NSOrderedAscending.

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You cannot sanely compare Objective-C objects with any boolean operators in C. You'd be comparing their addresses, not their values.

Look at the documentation for the NSDate class, specifically the -compare: method.

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