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thanks for your time. I've been having a lot of trouble trying to highlighting the "active" tab on a navbar i am using. I'm trying to do this through CSS but the problem arises when I change pages. I will add the following code:
function updateMenu(num)

var menuCode =

'<ul id="menu">' +
'<li><a href="software/menu.php" onclick="updateMenu(1);"';
if(num == 1){menuCode +=' class="current"';}
menuCode += '>Software</a></li>'+
'<li><a href="users/menu.php" onclick="updateMenu(2);"';
if(num == 2){menuCode +=' class="current"';}
menuCode += '>Software</a></li>';

document.getElementById("cssMenu").innerHTML = menuCode;

And my list goes as follows:

<ul id="menu">

<li><a href="software/menu.php" onclick="updateMenu(1);">Software</a></li> <li><a href="user/menu.php" onclick="updateMenu(2);">Users</a></li> </ul>

I feel it's an unelegant solution because of all the code wrote in the updateMenu function and i was wondering if there was a more elegant solution to my problem. (You can see it's on moving the "class=current" so the CSS works properly).

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I'm not sure what your exact requirement is. Assuming that on clicking the tab, it does NOT go to another page, the following code will help [please use Jquery]:


<ul id="menu">
  <li>item 1</li>
  <li>item 2</li>
  <li>item 3</li>

Javascript :

  $("#menu li").click(function(){
    $("#menu li").removeClass("highlight");


.highlight {
 background: #f00;
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