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I need to revert files from various commits to their previous state.

The reason is we won't deliver a particular functionality in this release.

I have spotted the commits already.

I think cherry-pick and/or rebase is in order but the search results I have confuse me a bit more.

How do I pick an specific version from previous commits in git?

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If you want to revert only a single file to its state in a previous commit, use checkout:

git checkout <previous commit SHA> -- /path/to/file

If you want to reverse an entire commit, use revert:

git revert <SHA of commit to undo the effects of>
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If it is only one file you are trying to return to an earlier state then checkout is the right solution

git checkout <sha-1 hash in hex> filename.ext

if you wish to return your entire folder/commit to an earlier state

git revert <sha-1 of commit to reverse>

please note that with revert the sha-1 hash is of the commit you are trying to reverse rather than the one you are trying to revert to, this was not what I initially expected and I kept doing it wrong, and getting very frustrated when it gave me indecipherable error messages when I tried.

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