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I need to retrieve certain portion of an url using regex. The url looks like this:


I need to retrieve games_in_the_city. I got the first portion until the / removed. Now need to find the first occurence of ~ in the string so that the rest can be removed as well. The regex that I have right now (.*\/good\/city\/)(.*)(\.html) gets games_in_the_city.~cccccc~dddddd~eeeee

How can I modify my regex so ~cccccc~dddddd~eeeee can be removed as well. The final output should be games_in_the_city I will not know how many ~ (tilde) can appear in the url. sometimes it might one to n.

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Assuming you just want the aaaa string, could do something like this:


Basically, saying 'starting from the last /, match everything that isn't a ~.

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+1 because it handles part of the problem he/she has already started with, so could be a better complete solution. Also, sorry it didn't tell me there was another answer to load. :) –  Rob I Apr 27 '12 at 17:29

Try ([^~]*)~ - the group in there will have all the as and underscores.

Depending on your language/tool, there might be better support, for example in perl I would use s/~.*//; to remove from the tilde to the end without having to capture what was before.

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What about putting each capture in a group. This will get you each individual section of your URL:

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