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A simple question. Does this version support generators?

I wanted to test out using it and follow along with Ryan Bates screen cast which I uses a different version.

I've been playing with tables today and want to see how this works using the generator with a scaffold generated model and all its components.

Running rails g bootstrap:themed returns

Could not find generator bootstrap:themed

So I tried to reinstall with rails g install:bootstrap

Error similar which lead me to try to find if it supports these commands.


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It doesn't need generators for asset files, since we hook into the asset pipeline through the use of a Rails Engine - configuration options are available through the use of variables (use this as a reference, Sass variables are actually $x rather than @x and need to be defined before importing bootstrap), Sass' @extend, and Bootstrap's @makeRow and @makeColumn mixins, along with the other Bootstrap mixins.

Themed scaffold would be interesting but generally would be a pain to maintain - view scaffolding tends to get ripped apart pretty quickly anyway. Perhaps a 'sane' application.html.erb layout generator could be useful.

So yeah, we currently have no generators, don't need an asset one, themed scaffold probably not coming soon unless someone is interested enough to do the work on it, potentially a layout generator in the pipeline.

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Thanks for the response Thomas. I had followed the railscast and it initially used a different gem which supported this. Later in another post or railscast your gem was mentioned and I've stuck with it since. However I needed to implement something in a quick manner so hoped using scaffolding and then generating would allow me to test and learn. I'll lookout for the layout generator this sounds good. –  user1149642 May 19 '12 at 18:08

Checkout https://github.com/decioferreira/bootstrap-generators

Seems to be what you are asking for.


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If you look in the code, it looks like there was a pull request to get generators in, but for some reason that hasn't happened. You can use twitter-bootstrap-rails first to get those files, and then overwrite them with bootstrap-sass.

You can also try this:

compass create compass-test -r bootstrap-sass --using bootstrap

This isn't really a substitute for scaffolding, though.

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The pull request was for copying the asset files across, which isn't needed since we use the asset pipeline, and the compass command actually creates a new compass project, which is almost certainly what this user isn't after. –  Thomas McDonald May 6 '12 at 17:52
Thomas was correct in his assertion that I didn't want compass. Thats purely as I am still learning and it would be one more tool to learn at this stage. What I had been working on was creating buttons from links in a table and wanted to quickly knock up some code to learn from and then implement what I needed. Thanks for the responses, this is all still new to me. –  user1149642 May 19 '12 at 18:11

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