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I'd like to use a drop-down menu for letting the user choose an action (in this case, they select some items from a list, and use the menu to select "delete", "move" etc.)

The way Spinner works is quite close to what I want, except Spinner is clearly designed for selecting some data, rather than issuing a command.

  • Before it is clicked, I'd like the drop-down menu to just look like an arrow (no adjacent space for displaying the 'currently selected' data
  • Ideally the drop-down menu would appear directly beneath the arrow, rather than in the middle of the screen.
  • Items in the menu shouldn't have a radio button to indicate whether they are selected

Is there a component that is more appropriate for this than Spinner, or should I achieve these goals by tweaking a Spinner?

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You should use a ContextMenu to do what you are looking for. In the dev guide there is a page about menus and a section about ContextMenus that will help with the implementation. If you put some time in skinning this menu you can change the look to match what you want.

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may be i not getting you but You can use actionsheet which you can handle as you want

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