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i have an ability defined with mongoid criteria, that is not populating the mongoid criteria selector.

can :manage, Number, :issuer_id.in => user.owner_of.map{ |p| p.id }


-> Number.accessible_by(Ability.new(user))
=> #<Mongoid::Criteria
  selector: {},
  options:  {},
  class:    Number,
  embedded: false>

if i query mongoid directly with the same criteria

-> Number.where(:issuer_id.in => user.owner_of.map{ |p| p.id })
=> #<Mongoid::Criteria
  selector: {:issuer_id=>{"$in"=>[BSON::ObjectId('4f9ae0f1e1607c7a67000002')]}},
  options:  {},
  class:    Number,
  embedded: false>

ability instance returns...

-> Ability.new(user)
=> #<Ability:0x007f8c9d0c1030 @rules=[

i have tried defining my abilities a variety of ways

can :manage, Number, :issuer => { :owner_id => user.id }
can :manage, Number, :issuer_id.in => user.owner_of.map{ |p| p.id }
can :manage, Number, :issuer_id => { "$in" => user.owner_of.map{ |p| p.id }}
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solved it. user.owner_of.map{ |p| p.id } was returning an array of BSON objects. i needed an array of strings. user.owner_of.map{ |p| p.id.to_s } solved it. gah!

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