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I'm trying to use git on windows to clone a remote repository. I can clone it on my mac fine but on windows I get a problem.

WHen using git bash to clone, I get a message saying the server's host key is not cached in the registry. It asks me to preess y or n to trust the host.

THe problem is that if I press y or n nothing happens. It just hangs there. Should I use OpenSSH instead of PuTTY?


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The problem is that MSysGit starts PLink in the background, i.e. the terminal is not actually connected to the input of PLink. That means that you simply can't type anything into PLink.

You simply have to connect to the server once using PLink or PuTTY, answer Yes and from then on, you won't be asked again.

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As it turns out I just wrote a tutorial on doing exactly this on Windows.

Take a look at Windows Git Tutorial: Cygwin, SSH and Projectlocker.

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Did you follow the instructions how provide your ssh key when using msysGit?

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