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In jQuery I have a dropdown called #selected_studio. In that drop one I have a <option> with value="studio_17 and says Testing... if you look at the drop down in the browser. I want to read the "Testing..." text no matter if selected or not, just by knowing the value. I attempted to write some JS but it failed and not sure how it should be.

$("#selected_studio option:studio_17").text();

Any ideas on how to do this? I think it's possible. I'm using jQuery 1.7 if that's any helpful.

The full HTML:

<select id="selected_studio">
      <option value="me">Kevin</option>
      <option value="studio_17">Testing...</option>
      <option value="null" disabled="disabled">------------------------</option>
      <option value="new_studio">Studio Application</option>
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Try this:

$("#selected_studio option[value='studio_17']").text();

This uses the attribute equals selector.

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$("#selected_studio option[value='studio_17']").text();
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Use an attribute selector:

$("#selected_studio option[value='studio_17']").text();
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