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I'm trying to use the eclipse OSGi Framework runtime configuration tool, and only those bundles that came with eclipse are available, so the dependencies of my bundles can not be resolved. - I take it I need to put the bundles I depend upon somewhere where eclipse will be aware of them, so that I may choose them in the run configuration.

Where should I drop them? Into the eclipse/plugin's directory? Is there a better way? How do people handle this?

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You need to add your bundles to a new target platform and use that to develop and run against. You can start from scratch or from your existing Eclipse installation. I often just make a directory and pop the bundles I want into it. You can also share .target filed Using a target platform is much cleaner and more flexible than playing around with your eclipse installation.

The tool to create a target platform is under Preferences->Plug-in Development->Target Platform.

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