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I'm struggling to find out a simple python regex, which would mean :

several white spaces (/n /t /r ) followed by at least one character other than whitespace (a-zA-Z0-9, every operator, etc) and again several white spaces. Also there don't have to be any whitespace. So e.g. "c" , "\nc" , "c\t" is correct, but \n is not. So far i have stg like:


but I'm not sure if it is entirely it?

Thank you for your answer :-)

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It's correct:

>>>'\s*\S+\s*', '   foo   ').group(0)
'   foo   '
>>>'\s*\S+\s*', 'foo   ').group(0)
'foo   '
>>>'\s*\S+\s*', 'foo').group(0)

Remember that Python has an interpreter. It's pretty awesome, so use it!

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