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i have a webview, that is being show in an app there is an animation on the page, a digital timer, where i am showing the images of each digit like so 00:39, 29:39, etc

it is being animated use setInterval in javascript within the page problem is that when i put my finger on the screen, i.e. a touch without lifting my finger the browser halts, meaning the animation no longer animates, it stops at the place when my finger touch the screen , and it will continue animate after i lift my finger

how can i fix this? i heard that i can use prevent default method, but wouldn't that ignore all my events on the page?

basicaly besides the timer in my webpage, i also have some stuff that user can interact with , so it is looking for the click event etc.

so i definitely want to keep that as well please help

this happens on ios device...if i run in desktop brower, everything seems ok..not halting being observed

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Just for anyone that comes across this later: Animations always halt in web browsers when scrolling, which is what your web view is anticipating by the finger touch. This will happen on desktop browsers as well.

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Does it halt if you press anywhere or only on the counter? Try preventing clicks on the counter element. Eg..


  return false;

Edit: Apparently this isn't an uncommon issue. When the iphone needs more CPU/Memory resources, it will halt execution of javascript. Look into using setInterval (executes javascript at a given interval until clearInterval() is called) to detect if an animation didn't complete successfully.
Related questions:
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thanks sir, but anmation actually halts whenever i lay my finger anywhere on the webview, not just the animation container so the solution does not work – user1118019 Apr 30 '12 at 21:09
@user1118019 See updated answer – John Himmelman Apr 30 '12 at 22:06
thanks again for follow up but i am not making any ajax requests, and i am animating something simple, i don't think it will ever steal cpu resource etc. ur solution of checking if animation is done does not work, i mean, first, we don't know what is causing the animation to halt, i really doubt it is becuase of the cpu. again, my animation resumes to animate after u lifting the finger, the animation is for a timer, say 10 seconds limit, user should do osmething within that 10 seconds, i can't re-animate it because it will give user more than 10 second to do the task, which breaks the rule. – user1118019 Apr 30 '12 at 23:04
@user1118019 what specific animation effect are you using and are you using jquery effects? if so, post the animation code and i'll test in a webview. – John Himmelman Apr 30 '12 at 23:30
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found what the issue is. it has nothing to do with ajax request or the cpu it is because a tiny scrolling was introduced. apparently all the ainmation will be put on halt if you are scrolling or going to scroll.

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