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I have a C-based program (a 64bit multithreaded console app using VS2010) that now must be turned into a dll. Having never worked with a dll, I am trying to figure out the best way to get data to/from the console. The i/o is nothing complex: get a string, print a string:

while (1)
    printf(" Enter next data _ ");
    char input[500];
    if (input[0] == '!')

It seems that there are a few options, eg, allocConsole, popen, getStdOut, etc that I've started to explore, but before I get too deep into this forest, is there a simpler, more straightforward approach? Would the whole thing be easier if I called the DLL from a small Windows app (as opposed to a console app)?

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It turns out a dll will write to stdout when the exe and dll are both console apps....

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