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Is it possible to get real-time updates from Facebook's graph API for a user's friend's check-ins?

I know you can get friend check-ins on demand and can get user check-ins real-time, how about friend check-ins real-time?


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You can get the real time updates from the facebook graph api by using the subscriptions

https://graph.facebook.com/<APP_ID>/subscriptions?object=check_in&callback_url=<ur url>

. Refer the below link for details


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You can improve your answer by adding the curl scripts from the blogpost directly in your answer... –  rene Oct 21 '12 at 15:42

You cannot get RTUs for a user's friends' checkins. Just the user's checkins, and even so you must enable 'feed' in the subscription, not 'checkins'. Currently a documentation bug.

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