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I have firebug 1.9.1 and I noticed that when there are pages that have scripting errors it goes to that line. It is like I have a breakpoint on that line but I don't.

How do I stop this. I don't mind on the firebug logo it has an error count but I find it so annoying that it is opening firebug up to show me lines it stopped at.

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In each of the Firebug tabs, there is a "pause" button. The error console will thus break on errors, if that pause button is pressed. Just un-press that button.

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Ya I saw that but I don't know if I should click it or not. When I click it, it starts flashing when I unclick it is just normal. However both give me the same result. For instance as a sample page(movies.msn.com/paralleluniverse/whos-who-in-the-avengers/…) if I go here it stops on line 22 of some javascript file. This happens if I click the "pause" button then refresh. Then click on the "pause" button again and refresh. –  chobo2 May 2 '12 at 16:08

For me, Firebug was randomly breaking on each script being loaded - the solution was to go to the scripts tab -> Breakpoints tab (on right), and delete all of the breakpoints there.

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For everyone thinking "But the pause button in the script panel is un-pressed! It's not flashing! Pressing it turns it on and pressing again to turn it back off makes no difference!"...

...check the other pause button in the Console panel. (If that's off too, check the third pause button under HTML, 'Break on mutate', or under Net, 'Break on XHR')

It's a bit of a gotcha because if the Console pause button is pressed, errors take you to the script panel to debug instead of showing the error message in the console panel... So you have to check the status of the panel you're not taken to...

The console panel pause button is Break on all errors: whereas the Script panel button only breaks on the next error. It's easy to forget you turned on Break on all errors, then not notice it's still on because you're focusing on the panel you weren't expecting to be taken to.

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I've been having this issue for some time and kept just disabling the "Script" tab which is really annoying! I tried to click the pause button so it's flashing and refresh, same issue. Then, click so it's not flashing and refresh, same issue. I just now clicked the pause button (so it was blinking), then un-clicked it so it was not blinking, and then refreshed the page and it seems to have fixed it. The same page that was breaking on a script error is no longer breaking on the error.

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