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I have a button's onClickListener that needs to detect which radiobutton was selected when the user clicks the button. Currently, the Log.v you see below in the onClickListener is not returning a useless bit of info:

This is clicking submit three times with a different radio selected each time:

04-27 19:24:42.417: V/submit(1564): 1094168584

04-27 19:24:45.048: V/submit(1564): 1094167752

04-27 19:24:47.348: V/submit(1564): 1094211304

So, I need to know which radioButton is actually selected - is there a way to get the object of the radiobutton? I want to be able to get it's id# from XML, as well as its current text.

Here's the relevant code:

public void buildQuestions(JSONObject question) throws JSONException {

    radioGroup = (RadioGroup) questionBox.findViewById(R.id.responseRadioGroup);

    Button chartsButton = (Button) questionBox.findViewById(R.id.chartsButton);
    Button submitButton = (Button) questionBox.findViewById(R.id.submitButton);


    TagObj tagObj = new TagObj(question, radioGroup);


public OnClickListener submitListener = new OnClickListener() {
    public void onClick(View v) {
        userFunctions = new UserFunctions();
        if (userFunctions.isUserLoggedIn(activity)) {
            TagObj tagObject = (TagObj) v.getTag();
            RadioGroup radioGroup = tagObject.getRadioGroup();
            JSONObject question = tagObject.getQuestion();

            Log.v("submit", Integer.toString(radioGroup.getCheckedRadioButtonId()));
            SubmitTask submitTask = new SubmitTask((Polling) activity, question);

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getCheckedRadioButtonId() returns the id of the RadioButton(or -1 if no RadioButtons are checked) that is checked in the Radiogroup. If you set distinct ids to the RadioButons in the layout then you will try to match those ids with the return of the method to see which one is checked:

//field in the class
private static final int RB1_ID = 1000;//first radio button id
private static final int RB2_ID = 1001;//second radio button id
private static final int RB3_ID = 1002;//third radio button id

//create the RadioButton
RadioButton rb1 = new RadioButton(this);
//set an id

    int btn = radioGroup.getCheckedRadioButtonId();
    switch (btn) {
    case RB1_ID:
        // the first RadioButton is checked.
        //other checks for the other RadioButtons ids from the RadioGroup
    case -1:
        // no RadioButton is checked inthe Radiogroup
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My radio buttons are programmatic - they don't have XML counter parts. Is there a way to do this still? – Davek804 Apr 27 '12 at 19:43
@Davek804 Of course. When you create the RadioButtons set them distinct ids with setId(). Then in the switch statement from my answer use the numbers you assign as ids instead of R.id.radio_button1. I've edited my answer. – Luksprog Apr 27 '12 at 19:46
Excellent, all set up! Thanks. – Davek804 Apr 27 '12 at 20:02
What if I have an ArrayList of RadioButtons? I see an .add() and a .set() for the Array, but do not see a set ID method. – tccpg288 Feb 13 at 3:53
@tccpg288 An ArrayList is just a container for those buttons. You'll need to iterate over the ArrayList, get each RadioButton and then set a(unique) id on it using setId(). – Luksprog Feb 13 at 7:09

store the checked ID, then compare it to each button using the function radioButton.getID() using a switch statement or if-else chains

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