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I'm automating the building process for an iOS project. Everything was fine... but now I have to support iOS 4, what I have installed is the iOS simulator 4.3 (Xcode : Preferences > Downloads > Components).

Inside xcode I have these options:

  • iOS device
  • iPad simulator 5.0
  • iPad simulator 5.1
  • iPhone simulator 5.0
  • iPhone simulator 5.1

There is no 4.3

From command line

$ xcodebuild -showsdks
Mac OS X SDKs:
    Mac OS X 10.6                   -sdk macosx10.6
    Mac OS X 10.7                   -sdk macosx10.7

    iOS 5.0                         -sdk iphoneos5.0

iOS Simulator SDKs:
    Simulator - iOS 5.0             -sdk iphonesimulator5.0

There is no 4.3


  1. Where is the 4.3 simulator installed?
  2. What sdk value should a pass to xcodebuild for the 4.3 simulator?

Thanks guys.

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What you actually need is the iOS4.3 SDK (for the simulator platform) and not the simulator itself, correct? – Till Apr 27 '12 at 19:45
yes, the iOS4.3 SDK – subzero Apr 30 '12 at 17:52
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The simulator SDK's are located at /Applications/

You can use the following xcodebuild (/Applications/ command:

xcodebuild -target $target -sdk $sdk -configuration $configuration

where $target is the target name specified in the project, $sdk could be taken from the output of the command you used to see the available SDK's (iphoneos5.0, iphonesimulator5.0) and $configuration could be AdHoc, AppStore or whatever else you have setup in the project.

For the missing SDK issue you could check the item status at Xcode : Preferences > Downloads > Components to be Installed and check the folder iPhoneSimulator4.3.sdk exists at the SDK's location. If it does but still not displayed as installed, you could consider removing and reinstalling it or reinstall the Xcode completely.

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If you have iOS Lion. Follow the following steps

Go to Applications (Right click on Xcode Icon)

/Applications/ Developer/Applications/iPhone 

There you will find the iOS Simulator App.

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