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I am using an SSRS ReportViewer Control (2008) On a web form to display an SSRS Report. The SSRS Report has links to many other SSRS reports. When I click on one of the linked reports, I get unwanted behavior.

Instead of the top of the report being visible as I would expect, the report starts out at the bottom. The scrollbar on the right in the browser window is at the very bottom, and I need to scroll up to view the top of the report.

I don't want my users to have to scroll up every time they navigate to a new report. Is there a way I can force the report start at the top? (So the scrollbar on the right hand starts at the top)

I do not see this behavior when I am previewing the report in Visual Studio 2008.


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which browser are you using? I know that Chrome does not Support report manager for example (the reports are cut in half).

Take a look at this link and this link, they may help you.

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