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In regards to the question I previously posted, I have written the following script to load a specific file:


use strict;
use Net::FTP;

my $ftpOb = Net::FTP->new("X")
         or die ("Could not connect to the FTP Server: $@");
print "Connected \n";

$ftpOb->login("A", "B")
         or die ("Incorrect server credentials");
print "Logged in \n";

print " Current folder is: " . $ftpOb->pwd();

$ftpOb->cwd("root/Folder") or die ("Cannot connect to the folder on Server");
print "Transferred to folder \n";

         or die ("Error occured while fetching the file");


However, the code seems to fail to change the working directory and I get the following output:

Logged in
Cannot connect to the folder on Server at ./GetUploadFile.pl line 16.
 Current folder is: /

Can anyone please help me debug the issue here?

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Include $ftpOb->message() in your error messages (except for the connect, where $@ is the correct error message).

Also do a dir() and list what files/directories are available.

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