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Have a MYSQL look up table that returns the points received for a certain place(P) among a number of finishers(N), with a variety of formats(points_id). Different point structures are used for different events. Some times the points awarded depend on the number of finishers(N) Sometimes they don't. Here is a short version of the table, with two sample structures. points_id -1 the points depends on N Point_id -2 the points don't.


       points_id |   P   |   N   | points |
           1     |   1   |   3   |   90   |
           1     |   1   |   2   |   85   |
           1     |   1   |   1   |   80   |
           1     |   2   |   3   |   60   |
           1     |   2   |   2   |   50   |
           1     |   3   |   3   |   30   |
           3     |   1   |       |  100   |
           3     |   2   |       |   90   |
           3     |   3   |       |   80   |
           3     |   3   |       |   70   |

So my question: 1) is there a way to put the wildcard in the table data. eg if the N column that shows blank had a % in it and I did this query.

SELECT points from t1 WHERE points_id=3 and P=3 and N=2 

It would return 96?? PS I know this doesn't work but is shows my idea.

2) I want it to be fast, may put it in a procedure to use in larger queries. I am guessing unless there is a very simple way to do what I show above. the fastest method will be to have rows for all of the different N's in the points_id =3 case. Is that true?

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How would it return a result like "96??"? I have no data in sample table and your query doesn't have LIKE operation.That query cannot result such a result most probably – Hüseyin BABAL Apr 27 '12 at 20:11
I would just change the query: SELECT points from t1 WHERE points_id=3 and P=3 and (N=2 OR N IS NULL) – prodigitalson Apr 27 '12 at 20:11
Sorry about the 96 should have been 80, didn't have enough points to post the table as an image. – davewhirlwind Apr 27 '12 at 20:23
Duh (Or IS NULL) use the NULL as a wild card. I think that will work great. Thanks, – davewhirlwind Apr 27 '12 at 20:23
Well thanks for the easy solution. But is does beg one additional question. If I use Null the way you describe essentially as the wildcard, I can't have that column be in my primary key set. My data then has a lot of duplicate primary keys. I see two ways out; 1) Create a record id make that the primary, create another key set to improve speed. 2) Use another character in that field as the wildcard. Eg 0 the Where becomes AND (N=2 or N=0). Anyone have a view on which is the best way. Dave – davewhirlwind Apr 27 '12 at 21:24

You might consider UNION ALL:

SELECT points from t1 WHERE points_id=3 AND P=3
SELECT points from t1 WHERE points_id=3 AND N=2 

This will get the results regardless if P=3 or N=2. I copied your database schema and tried this, and it produced:


If you do want this to be fast with a large amount of data--you'll really want to have an index and/or primary key.

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Try this :

SELECT points from t1 WHERE points_id=3 and P=3 and (N=2 OR (IFNULL(N,'')='')) 
// dataType of N varchar
SELECT points from t1 WHERE points_id=3 and P=3 and (N=2 OR (IFNULL(N,0)=0))
//  dataType of N numeric type

Let me know if there is any change or am getting you wrong

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