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How do I configure a jsoup Whitelist to allow internal anchor references, without allowing any arbitrary value?

Example html:

<a href="#section1" target="_self">Jump To Section 1</a>
    <!-- ... -->
<a name="section1">Section 1</a>

If I attempt to clean the code with the relaxed Whitelist the href is removed.

Jsoup.clean(html, Whitelist.relaxed().addAttributes("a", "name", "target");

returns the following:

<a target="_self">Jump To Section 1</a>
   <!-- ... -->
<a name="section1">Section 1</a>

If I manually build a Whitelist and add the tags and attributes that I want, but don't call addProtocols(....) I can get jsoup to leave the href in place, but that doesn't seem like a good solution as it doesn't filter out href's that contain JavaScript. For example, I want the a tag (or at least the href) removed from the following:

<a href="javascript:alert(1111);" target="_self">Jump To Section 1</a>
<a name="section1">Section 1</a>

Is this possible with jsoup?

I did see the following patch submission to jsoup, but it doesn't look like it made it into the jsoup code base:

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Whitelist whitelist=new Whitelist();

Cleaner cleaner = new Cleaner(whitelist);


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If no protocols are provided/whitelisted, then all of them are implicitly allowed (see isSafeAttribute). If you want to allow internal anchors, then you need to never call addProtocol on your whitelist's anchor tags, unfortunately (well, on the href at least). It looks like there was a pull request to add support, but it was never merged.

Be aware that if you are allowing all protocols, that a malicious user can run Javascript on link click:

<a href="javascript:alert('Arbitrary code');">Some text</a>

so be cautious of that if you do not trust your HTML.

If you want to only allow say, http, https, and anchor tags, then I believe you are out of luck.

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