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I am developing a voting app, where the User will be presented with a question and multiple choices. In a typical HTML world the choice for this interface would be a Radio Box/Check box. What kind of view would I use in the iPhone SDK for a similar behavior?

Are there any sample apps which I can refer to?

Thanks, Amy

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Any time you're displaying repeating rows of data, UITableView is the natural choice. UITableViewCell provides various properties for you to customize the selected state which you can use to show the user's selected choice.

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If your question has a few answer (3-4), then you can use an UIActionSheet. This is much quicker to code and provides a good looking user interface, with the sheet animating from then bottom of the iPhone and presenting to your user multiple button related to the possible choices/answers. It's a radio interface, in the iPhone Style.

Another possibility is to exploit an UISegmented control, a different type of radio interface.

If there are many answers, an UITableView is your best choice.

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