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I am getting a result of NaN in my total table cell value. I am adding two total cells that are being calculated by each time the user enters in the quantity. I am trying to figure out and understand why I am getting this result. This is the code for the function that has the calculation in it.

<title> Cart </title>
<h1> My cart </h1>
<script type = "text/javascript">

function retr()
    var cke = document.cookie;
    var tot1 = document.getElementById("t1").value;
    var tot2 = document.getElementById("t2").value;

    if (cke.length>0) { 
         start = cke.indexOf("Circle=");
         if (start!= -1) {
             start = start + 7
             end = cke.indexOf("$", start);
             if (end == -1) end = cke.length;
             qu1 = cke.substring(start, end);
             document.getElementById("q1").value = qu1;

    if (cke.length>0) {
        start1 = cke.indexOf("$");
        if (start1!= -1) {
            start1 = start1 + 0
            end = cke.indexOf("e", start1);
            if (end == -1) end = cke.length;
            pr1 = cke.substring(start1, end);
            document.getElementById("p1").value = pr1;


    document.getElementById("t1").value = parseFloat(qu1) * parseFloat(pr1);

    if (cke.length>0) {
        start = cke.indexOf("Stickman=");
        if (start!= -1) {
            start = start + 9
            end = cke.indexOf("$", start);
            if (end == -1) end = cke.length;
            qu2 = cke.substring(start, end);
            document.getElementById("q2").value = qu2;

    if (cke.length>0) {
        start = cke.indexOf("$");
        if (start!= -1) {
            start = start + 54
            end = cke.indexOf("e", start);
            if (end == -1) end = cke.length;
            pr2 = cke.substring(start, end);
            document.getElementById("p2").value = pr2;

    document.getElementById("t2").value = parseFloat(qu2) * parseFloat(pr2);
    document.getElementById("tot").value = parseFloat(tot1) + parseFloat(tot2);
    document.getElementById("ret").value = cke;


<body onload = "retr()">
<table border = "1">
    <td>Circle </td>
    <td><input type = "text" size = "8" id = "q1" readonly = "readonly" /></td> 
    <td> <input type = "text" size = "8" id = "p1" readonly = "readonly" /> </td>
    <td> <input type = "text" size = "8" id ="t1">  </td>
    <tr> </tr>
    <td> Stickman </td>
    <td> <input type = "text" size = "8" id = "q2" readonly = "readonly" /></td>
    <td> <input type = "text" size = "8" id = "p2" readonly = "readonly" /> </td>
    <td> <input type = "text" size = "8" id = "t2" >  </td>
    <tr> </tr>
    <td colspan = "3">  TOTAL:</td>
    <td> <input type = "text" size = "8" id = "tot">  </td>
<br /> <br />
<input type ="text" id = "ret" readonly = "readonly" />
<br / > <br />
<input type = "button" value = "Checkout">
<br /> <br />
<a href = "store.html" > Continue Shopping </a>

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Is it possible to see demo? –  Hüseyin BABAL Apr 27 '12 at 21:13
try to post an example at jsfiddle.net –  snies Apr 27 '12 at 21:15
Console.log these values at various stages so that you can see their values. Maybe one of them is undefined. –  Jack Apr 27 '12 at 21:16
what kind of demo would you want to see? the table is set up as 3 rows and 4 columns. the second column represents the quantity, the 3rd is the price, and the last column is the total. I want to add the total of each item, but when I do, what is being displayed underneath for the grand total is NaN –  beginnerprogrammer Apr 27 '12 at 21:18
i haven't learned about console.log. but the thing is, the total for each item is being displayed when i enter in a quantity and go to my view cart page(which is the page that i have posted now for), but the grand total returns NaN –  beginnerprogrammer Apr 27 '12 at 21:22

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Ok, so assuming your cookie looks like this:

"Circle=123$456e; Stickman=123$456e"

I have fixed your code to run. Here is a working example:

jsfiddle example

You have several issues in your code, the main points:

  1. You kept the "$" sign which is not a number therefore you got the NaN
  2. You did not set the variables tot1 and tot2 after they were filled, or at least you did not provide default values.
  3. While searching for the 2nd price you did not use the start1 position of the last "$" sign as a starting point. therefore you ended up at the wrong price.
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Are you familiar with the JavaScript value: Not-a-Number (NaN)? It sounds like some user entered value is generating a result that is basically an illegal number.

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