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I have created a grid with inline editing. I added a Button to add a row into the edit grid. Also my grid has round 4-5 rows in it. Now as per inline functionality i can click on a row and edit data in it and when i will press enter it will be saved to the server and appropriate action is displayed. All works good. But i noticed that if i loose the focus on the grid row and press enter then by default a new row is added.

Seems like the button "Add Row" automatically get pressed when someone on the page hits enter button.

My Code is below

     <sj:submit id="grid_edit_addbutton" value="Add Row" onClickTopics="rowadd" button="true" />
                caption="TEA Record"
    <sjg:gridColumn name="instanceId"  index="instanceId"  title="idNum"  editable="true"    width="100" tabindex="1"    hidden="true"  /> 

<sjg:gridColumn name="Jumpnumber"  index="Jumpnumber" title="Document_Number"      width="100" tabindex="1"  editable="false"    />                     
<sjg:gridColumn name="JumpLine"  index="JumpnumberItem" title="JumpnumberItem"  editable="false"   width="100" tabindex="1"       />

I tried setting tabindex to some value greater than then Grid Columns but even than it doesnt help. Also, this Add button is the only button on the page and i want user to click it to add a row rather then it automatically get clicked on enter key press.

Any help will b really appreciated.

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Best advice I can give is stop using those sjq tags. If you understand JS/jQuery then just use the libraries dirrectly and look up what jQuery grid is backing those tags. Then everything will be a lot more straight forward. –  Quaternion Apr 28 '12 at 8:49
one way i found was to use a custom onKeyPress and then check for keycode 13. It worked but i noticed its not that successful at time, with a little playaround user can actually add one record. onkeypress="return event.keyCode!=13" –  Neeraj May 7 '12 at 18:32

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