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This symbol of a ripped paper is appearing on some of my <a> tags in Firefox Browser..

Here is an example:


Does anyone know what this means?


update : here's some code:

<a href="#"  onClick="jQuery('#youtube-player-container').tubeplayer('play');">
<img class="mp3button" style="background-image:url('/mp3_play.png');background-size:100% 100%;" />

(the image does appear appears so it's not a problem with the img src)

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What firefox add-ons do you have? Perhaps this is from an add-on. –  Kyle Apr 27 '12 at 21:24
i don't think so, no add-ons are enabled right now –  d-_-b Apr 27 '12 at 21:27

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The ripped paper icon is for a broken image src. You would see it if you requested an image that didn't exists ie:

<img src="notarealimage.jpg"/>

In your case you have no src attribute, which is why the browser sees it as a broken image.
Given that you're using a background image on your img tag, I suggest changing the img tag to a span or div tag, or just adding the style attribute to the a tag and removing the img tag altogether, i.e:

<a href="#"  onClick="jQuery('#youtube-player-container').tubeplayer('play');" class="mp3button" style="background-image:url('/mp3_play.png');background-size:100% 100%;"></a>
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Thanks! The only reason I'm using an img tag is because the style i wanted didn't work on the <a> tag. I'll be switching it to a non <img> tag now. Thanks for the response –  d-_-b Apr 28 '12 at 1:02

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