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I have a

  • Http Client application running on node1
  • Appache Server running on node1
  • Http Client application running on node2

Node 1 is a linux PC, node 2 is a Windows PC.

I would like for the 2 client applications to communicate with each other. application 1 needs to send an array to application 2. I was thinking of doing this by making application 1 send the array to "something" on the apache server and then application 2 will request using http the server for the data in the array and then receive the data.

Is this doable? how? if not how can I do what I need to accomplish?

thank you

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You might consider making something with either PHP, Python or Perl and using an Apache module for any of those three programming languages. For your client, depending on what it is, (for instance if it is a web browser-like client) you could try a JavaScript approach to interpreting the array data and making subsequent requests to the server.

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